U.S. vs. Joe Pasano, Frank Mulloy, Ralph Rosenberg, William A. Cacy, John Lazia, et al.: Motion for Bill of Particulars


Motion for Bill of Particulars for Criminal Case No. 10839: United States vs. Joe Pasano, Frank B. Mulloy, Ralph Rosenberg, William A. Cacy, Leopold Schwarz, Lawrence Cipolla, William G. Michael, Roy Barrett, Robert Carnahan, Frank Martin, Noxie Barber, Tudia Pasano, George Galbraith, Lawrence Cardella, Joe Toia, Walter A. Porter, Adolph Sutter, Edward S. Alderson, Joe Kleason, Eugene F. Moore, Jimmie Hicks, Ott Holmes, Jimmie LaCapra, Red Oaks, Walter Skinner, Martin Wiseman, Ray Broom, Max Cohen, James Stiff, Carl A. Wahlin, Grant T. Moffatt, D. L. Pickett, Sam Hogg, June Kathren, Newton Guy Brock, James B. Franklin, Rosemary Lyons, John Lazia, Charles Corrolla, Charles W. Corbett, William McMurray, John Roth, Thomas G. Bramlett, Charlie Jenson, Louis Kent Berger, James H. Burton, Sam Eddy, and The North Side Finance Company, Defendants. In this document, defendant Rosemary Lyons requests more information as to her alleged involvement in the prolonged conspiracy set forth in the indictment. She requests this information so that she may more adequately prepare her defense.

September 4th 1931
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Kansas City, MO
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NARA ID 573453, Criminal Case Files, 1879 - 1987
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