Statement in Support of Michael O'Hern for Prosecuting Attorney of Jackson County, MO


Statement likely made for public release concerning the upcoming election of Kansas City Prosecuting Attorney. The unknown author (possibly Rufus B. Burrus) favors Democrat Michael O'Hern over Republican Chet Keyes and addresses the hypocrisy of the Kansas City Republican Party's argument against voting for O'Hern. The author points out that O'Hern's opponents do not question his character or ability and only dislike him because of the corrupt actions of other Kansas City Democrats. In response, the author details an incident during the Presidential Election of 1928 where Republican Kansas City police officers purposefully intoxicated North Side Democratic voters in order to keep them from voting. As evidence, the author reproduces quotes from an associated court case: "Defendant’s associates would lift the heads of the drunken men in the basement and pour whiskey down their throats. Some two hundred men were in the basement in all stages of intoxication. Some were pitifully drunk and lying on the floor. The valuables of those lured into the place were taken and retained. Around 2 o’clock A. M. on November 6, 1928, the police wagons arrived. The wagons were used to convey the drunken men found in the basement to the holdover. No charges were preferred against them."

November 1935
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Rufus B. Burrus Papers
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