Laurence Pierot with Holy Cross Choir after Mass

39.11263, -94.52197


Photograph of opera singer Laurence Pierot posed with the choir of the Holy Cross Parish in front of the church after Mass. Pictured, front row: Mary Maloney, Mrs. J. Reed, Elizabeth Watson, Mary Frances Coughlan, Mrs. J. Cronin, Mrs. Durbin, Helen Fallaschek; second row: Edgar J. Keating, Alice Gerhart, Mrs. Frank Kapprell, Josephine Shoopman (organist), Teresa O'Connor, Augusta O'Flanagan, Bruno Nicoli; back row: J. V. Reilly, Rev. Nichol (brother of Rev. J. P. Nicholi), William Saeger, Laurence Saeger Pierot, Rev. J. P. Prendergast (pastor), Randolph Breting, Rev. J. P. Nichol (assistant pastor). Holy Cross choir director William Saeger and Laurence Pierot were brothers. This photograph was taken facing north towards the main entrance to the Holy Cross Catholic Church.

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5106 St John Avenue
Kansas City, MO
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Open Parish Files, Box 9
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