Future: Vol. I, No. 21


Issue of the anti-corruption, Kansas City-based newspaper, Future: The Newsweekly for Today. The front page includes an article, continued on page 8, about the Kansas Citians of Italian descent and their often unfair treatment in the newspapers for their comparatively few members of organized crime, and descriptions of several "cultured and law-abiding" local Italians such as musicians M. A. Lenge, N. DeRubertis, Mike Russo, Arturo Corti, Gustavo Corti, and Rosemarie Brancato; artists Dante Cosentino, Frank Tommassini, and Paulo D'Anna; and scientists and teachers Dr. Louis Laurenzanna, Frank Laurenzanno, Dr. E. Mella, and Elio Monachesi. Other featured articles include: “Cheese Joins the Gang” (p. 3), a photo and article about Charley Casciola, or Cheese Casciola, a "hoodlum machine election 'worker'" acquitted of involvement in "the bloody election day murders March 27, 1934"; and “May We Present W. W. (Tom) Graves” (p. 5), a photo and profile W. W. Graves, Jr. (Waller Washington Graves), or Tom Graves, prosecuting attorney of Jackson County with close ties to the Pendergast machine; also included in the newspaper are advertisements for local businesses and articles on fashion, finance, cooking, music, art, and national and international news.

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113 East 31st Street
Kansas City, MO
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MVSC F 051 F996 1935
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