Kansas City Call Tenth Anniversary and Progress Edition

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Tenth Anniversary and "Progress Edition" of the Kansas City Call newspaper. The paper includes stories about crime and political news, social and church updates, sports stories, and advertisements for local businesses, groceries, and cosmetic products. A spread on page B-3 includes a statement from editor and publisher C. A. Franklin as well as photographs of the Call's facilities on 18th Street and its editorial and other staff. "Present Day Kansas City Far Cry From 1850" on B-4 describes the changes in the city over the last 75 years. Pages B-6 and B-7 profile local Negro doctors, dentists, and lawyers. A section on Kansas City, Kansas-area news begins on Page B-9, with news about Missouri towns beginning on B-11. Section C deals with "Women and the Home," including articles about women's clubs in Missouri and Kansas and local charity facilities. Page C-4 includes an article about local women working as agents of the Mme. C. J. Walker Company. Page C-8 includes several articles about Annie Malone and her Poro Company and Poro College. Page C-12 features a spread about Northeast Junior High School in Kansas City, Kansas. Page C-14 includes stories about local YMCA and YWCA facilities. The D section deals with social clubs and charities. Section D also includes local and national sports news.

Date Created
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1715 East 18th Street
Kansas City, MO
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