Memorandum re: James Balestrere


Memorandum summarizing the biography and criminal activity of James Balestrere. Balestrere is reported to have been involved in bootlegging during Prohibition, running the Kansas City Syrup Company with Charles Binaggio, selling sugar to distillers, and then was involved in liquor distribution businesses after repeal with other individuals involved in organized crime. Balestrere also owned the White House Tavern, "a night spot and gambling casino," outside the Kansas City limits, as well as having involvement in the Green Hills Gambling Club north of the city limits in Platte County. The memorandum also notes that Blastrere was a member of the Black Hand Society and North Side Democratic Club, and describes his involvement in miscellaneous crimes.

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RG46, U.S. Senate. Special Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce. 5/3/1950-9/1/1951
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