From Unknown to Mr. Halley


Letter, labeled "confidential," from an unknown correspondent to Mr. Halley, regarding information received from Kansas City crime boss Charles Binaggio's brother, Dominick. Tim Moran, a "big time gambler here under ... both Prendergasts [sic]," is reported to have instructed Charles Binaggio to support a Pendergast candidate in exchange for sparing numerous men in Binaggio's inner circle from income tax fraud indictments. The letter discusses animosity between the Italian and Jewish organized crime factions, the latter of which Dominck Binaggio blamed for his brother's death. He also accuses U.S. Attorney Sam Wear as being "Prendergast's [sic] boy" and claims his brother's murder was planned by Tony Gizzo, who later gained power. The letter writer acknowledges that most of the mafia men who appeared before the Kefauver Committee committed perjury, and suggested "it would have a most wholesome effect if we could take the time to cite them for perjury."

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Kansas City, MO
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RG46, U.S. Senate. Special Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce. 5/3/1950-9/1/1951
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