"A Remarkable Political Convention" Statement


Press release containing the test of a statement given by William Hirth, publisher of the Missouri Farmer and president of the Missouri Farmers' Association, regarding the state Democratic convention. Hirth reports that the recent "convention in St. Louis was the most shameful gathering of its kind in the history of Missouri," and describes animosity between Clark-Pendergast forces and Governor Lloyd C. Stark. At the root of the problem, Hirth reports, is that "they regard [Stark] as a 'traitor' - instead of permitting himself to become the pliant tool of the Big Boss as they had expected him to, he became the champion of all the men and women of Missouri who love decent government." The statement also notes that James Aylward was re-elected National Committeeman.

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Columbia, MO
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Stark, Lloyd Crow (1886-1972), Papers, 1931-1941, C0004-f04017
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