Truman's First Nomination for Senator was Stolen


Pamphlet written by Ewing Young Mitchell, former Assistant Secretary of Commerce in Franklin D. Roosevelt administration's first term. He asserts "[t]he first nomination for United States Senator of Harry S. Truman was stolen," and proceeds to argue that point. The Pendergast machine is described as "the most corrupt, the most brazen, gang of thieves who ever looted an American city," and describes the Pendergasts' businesses' activities and obstructions around the city. Mitchell states that Truman rubber-stamped Pendergast requests as Presiding Judge of the Jackson County Court, and then was hand-picked for an open Senate seat. The pamphlet also discusses how voter fraud was conducted, describing residences with 112 voter registrations, and wards with more registrations than residents; Tom Pendergast's arrest and conviction of income tax evasion; and Truman's rise to the vice presidency.

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Mitchell, Ewing Young, Jr., (1873-1954), Papers, 1944, C0816-f00001
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