Bluford vs. Canada: Respondent's Additional Abstract and Brief

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Brief written by attorneys representing the University of Missouri and it's registrar, S. W. Canada, in Lucile Bluford's appeal in her suit attempting to gain admission to the university's graduate journalism program. The brief asserts that Bluford acted in bad faith by not applying to Lincoln University in adequate time for Lincoln to create a journalism program, and also asserts that Bluford's application to MU was in bad faith due to her role as head of the publicity committee for the Missouri NAACP and her prior "extensive education" and working experience in the field of journalism. The brief argues that she "must already know more about journalism than any graduate school could possibly teach her." At the time, Bluford was the managing editor of the Kansas City Call, and had received an undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of Kansas. The brief also notes that future Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, then assistant special counsel with the NAACP, was involved in correspondence and strategy regarding her case.

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C2582 - University of Missouri, President's Office, Papers, 1892-1966
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