Image Gallery

August 12th 1933

Photograph looking west toward Troost Avenue from the southeast corner of Armour Boulevard and Forest Avenue.


A portrait of Walt Disney.

Two sets of mugshots of Joseph "Scarface" DiGiovanni.

May 15th 1926

Texas Tommies in posed shot on stage at Submarine Ballroom, May 15, 1936. Phil Baxter shown standing third from right.

Circa 1930 photograph with an aerial view looking east and showing a largely residential section of northeast Kansas City, Kansas; Fairfax; Missouri River; and North Kansas City, Missouri.

Circa 1925 photograph with partial front view of the Swope Park Christian Church located at the northwest corner of 62nd Street and Swope Parkway.

October 23rd 1929

Postcard showing the Intercity Viaduct (foreground), James Street (background), the Kansas River (left), and Kansas City, Kansas (right).

September 3rd 1918

Postcard of the fountain located between the northbound and southbound lanes of The Paseo just south of 9th Street in Kansas City, Missouri.

October 21st 1928

Clipping from the Kansas City Journal-Post on October 21, 1928 showing Missouri Governor Alfred E. Smith on his presidential campaign in Sedalia, Missouri. Also pictured are Charles M.

March 9th 1935

An autochrome photograph of an arch with winter covering at the Municipal Rose Garden (Loose Park Rose Garden).

February 28th 1932

Clipping from an article on Tom Pendergast entitled "Portrait of 'The Boss'" in the Kansas City Star on February 28, 1932. This drawing depicts Thomas J.

Circa 1928 photograph with frontal and side view identified on the photograph as the National Fidelity Life Insurance Building, also known as the Continental Building.

March 30th 1922

Photograph looking east along Armour Boulevard from the west side of Gillham Road.

Undated photograph of unidentified children and teenagers from the Mexican community in Kansas City, Kansas.

May 3rd 1950

Kansas City Police Department mugshot of "Johnny Mag" Mangiaracina.


Bennie Moten's Orchestra, with instruments, taken by Bert Photo Studio, ca. 1926.

An autochrome photograph of eight children posed next to Dr. Fred Irving's swimming pool.

Photograph of the residence of Judge Calaway, located at 2546 Michigan Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri. This vantage point faces west-northwest on Michigan Avenue just north of 26th Street.

Clipping showing James M. Pendergast, Bennett Champ Clark, and Joe Shannon (left to right) conversing to together.

Photograph of a crowd gathered around seized gambling equipment at the Johnson County Courthouse square circa 1938.

January 26th 1937

Photograph of the unidentified participants at the South Central Business Association Inaugural Dinner Dance and 17th Annual Frolic at the Hotel Bellerive. Garrett L.

Circa 1928 photograph with full frontal view of the Royal Theater.

Cityscape photograph of 18th Street from atop the Kansas City Call Building, looking northwest with downtown Kansas City in the background.

An autochrome photograph of Louis XIV & afterglow tulips, taken from the west on the property of Dr. Sam E. Roberts, physician.

Photograph of Dr. Charles E. Rhoades, dentist, holding a young boy in his Overland Park dental office circa 1939. Dr.

May 1919

View of military and Union Station, Kansas City, Missouri, at the parade in honor of the return of the 129th Field Artillery from France to Kansas City, Missouri. From: 35th Division Collection.

February 8th 1932

Photograph of a police officer and other people inside Mercantile Trust Company at 14th Street and Grand Avenue.

Candid photograph of unidentified nurses, as well as an unidentified man and toddler, at The Willows Maternity Hospital.

Photograph of Count Basie posing with an unidentified youth in Kansas City, Missouri.

Photograph of H. O. (Herbert Orvis) Peet and his daughter Marguerite sitting on a fence rail circa 1935.

Headshot photograph of Lois Hutchins Sanders circa 1930.

July 3rd 1935

An autochrome photograph of the Unity Farm (Unity Village) Amphitheater as seen looking northeast atop Unity Tower.

The Municipal Hospital Service Building with central heating plant, laundry, and incineration for the General Hospital group, Kansas City, Missouri, ca. 1930s.

November 1st 1921

Postcard showing the reviewing stand in front of The Kansas City Star building for the American Legion Parade in Kansas City, Missouri.


Employees of The Donnelly Garment Company inspecting newly created clothing in the Corrigan Building at 1828 Walnut, Kansas City, Missouri.


Photograph of a large crowd gathered for an event at the intersection of 31st Street and Van Brunt Boulevard/Hardesty Avenue.