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"Off for the Big Jackson County Democracy Demonstration Today in St. Louis"

Clipping from the Kansas City Times on March 28, 1932 that shows Kansas City Democrats boarding trains the previous day to the Democratic State Convention in St. Louis, Missouri. Pictured is the Washington Township Democratic Club with their goat mascot, William Hornbuckle, Joseph W. Spoor, M. D. Waters, George Harrington, Margaret Denoit, John J. Manning, Catherine Selby Riley, Mrs. Morris Bigus, Mrs. Mamie Horton, and other Kansas City Democrats.

"Not Delicious to Him"

Clipping and brief note encouraging Gov. Stark to crack down on illegal gambling and slot machines in Kansas City. The clipping quotes city manager Henry McElroy as saying he'll feed a Stark Brothers' Nursery Golden Delicious apple to his dog.

"Meet the New Chief"

Clipping from the Kansas City Star on March 16, 1932 showing the Kansas City Police Department saluting Henry F. McElroy.

"Mary M'Elroy Aids Hunt for Hideout Used by Kidnapers"

Clipping from the Kansas City Journal-Post on May 29, 1933 showing Mary McElroy at a table with coffee or tea. The accompanying article explains that she is aiding in the search to find the hideout in which she was kept during her kidnapping. Police believe it to be within five miles of where she was released, the Milburn Golf Club.

"Look Out, St. Louis!"

Political cartoon in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on March 25, 1933 depicting Thomas J. Pendergast's hand reaching to control politics in St. Louis.

"Let the Courts Do Their Duty," Boss Tom Says, "I Won't Squawk"

St. Louis Star-Times article about the 1936 investigation into election fraud, including a sketch of Pendergast by Thomas Hart Benton. The article reports Pendergast "said today that he had been investigated so often that 'one more doesn't bother me much.'" He argued that he had no idea of any election fraud.

"Law School at Lincoln to Be Set Up by Fall"

Clipping from an unknown newspaper regarding the establishment of a law school at Lincoln University, in reaction to the decision in the Gaines v. Canada U.s. Supreme Court case. In the article, Lincoln president Sherman D. Scruggs states that the law school would be established in time for the start of the next fall semester. The decision in the Gaines case, where Lloyd Gaines sought admission to the white-only University of Missouri law school, mandated that black students be admitted to the MU program unless a equal program was available at the black-only Lincoln.

"Kemper Called Into Race Again by Pendergast"

Reproduction of an article from the Springfield Leader on January 28, 1932 concerning the Pendergast Machine's efforts to retain control of their portion of the Democratic National Committee. Pendergast hopes that William T. Kemper, Sr. will run for re-election as the "Kansas City Machine apparently fears [Frank C.] Niles can't win National Committee Place."

"Kansas City's Shame"

Clipping from the Kansas City Journal-Post on February 11, 1931 in which the editor describes the economic and moral implications of high crime in Kansas City and provides crime statistics. The Journal-Post resolves to "change these conditions".

"Joe Shannon Turns Over the Reins to the New 'Rabbit' Boss"

Clipping from the Kansas City Star on February 1, 1931 showing Joe Shannon turning over the reins to a rabbit drawn carriage of the "Rabbit Faction" to Peter J. Kelly. Dr. L. C. "Doc" Johnson is shown walking away in the background.

"'Jimmy' Finds Pinch-Hitting for 'Uncle Tom' No Easy Assignment"

Clipping from the Kansas City Journal-Post on June 11, 1931 showing a photograph of James M. Pendergast. The accompanying article states that "Jimmy" has been busy meeting people seeking jobs while Tom Pendergast is on vacation in Europe.

"Invincible Army of Kansas City Democrats..."

Clipping entitled "Invincible Army of Kansas City Democrats Parade at State Convention - A Great Demonstration" from the Missouri Democrat on April 1, 1932 showing highlights from the Democratic State Convention on March 28th in St. Louis, Missouri. The Missouri Democrat shows its bias in this clipping as a Pendergast-controlled newspaper.