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Letter from F. J. Peck, president and superintendent of Western University, to Mr. C. Miller, secretary to Governor Ben Paulen regarding a voucher being sent to a Mr. Guy, and thanking the office for its help with "money and instructions."

Form letter from Matthew A. Foster to the voters of Kansas City in which Foster urges Kansas Citians to vote against bossism and the interests of John P. O'Neill, Tom Pendergast, and Joe Shannon. Foster asserts that "every name on the Republican Ticket is a guaranty of honest, efficient public service."

Letter from Allen S. Peal to Governor Ben Paulen, writing about his concerns with Western University's president, F. J. Peck. Peal writes that he was rejected for the position of Dean at the Negro Topeka school due to the "powerful 'influence' of 'Dr.

Form letter from the Jackson County Republican Committee to the citizens of Kansas City in advance of the 1922 Election. The letter asserts that the nominees on the Democratic ticket were selected by Joseph Shannon, Tom Pendergast, Cas Welch, Johnny O'Neill, and Miles Bulger.

Letter from F. J. Peck to Gov. Ben Paulen reporting his intention to resign from his position as pastor and teacher at the Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church and Western University in the Quindaro area of Kansas City, Kansas.

Letter from F. J. Peck, president and superintendent of Western University, to Governor Ben Paulen regarding Sgt. Walter B.

Letter from the Special Subscriptions Committee of the Charities and Unemployment Relief Fund campaign acting as an official invitation for William T. Kemper, Sr. to serve as a member of the Committee.

Letter from Kansas state representative S. F. Paul to Governor Ben Paulen regarding a bill proposing a reduction in State Grain Department fees for the inspection and weighing of grains.

Form letter from Thomas J. Pendergast to William T. Kemper, Sr. in which Pendergast urges the receipient to take the originally attached sample ballot to the polls to use to vote for the candidates selected by Pendergast and the Jackson Democratic Club.

Letter from A. Boregard, president of the Taxpayers League, to Governor Ben S. Paulen discussing a meeting with Kansas Attorney General Charles B. Griffith and several Kansas City, Kansas, civic organizations.