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Anonymous letter outlining WPA-related corruption taking place in Kansas City, and praising Stark for his efforts at reform.

Letter from Judge Allen C. Southern to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing the Douglas vs. Billings campaign for Missouri Supreme Court and involvement by Tom Pendergast in the business of the Kansas City Journal-Post.

Letter from Barney E. Reilly to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on May 23, 1932. Reilly discusses Franklin D. Roosevelt's primary campaign as it relates to Kansas City and northwestern Missouri politics.

Letter from Missouri candidate for Governor Lloyd Stark to F. X. Teasdale explaining his resistance to being aligned with any particular political faction.

Letter from Major Gregory Vigeant, Jr., to the Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners discussing issues at his polling place during August and March 1940 elections, including evidence that "a dead man and his wife in this precinct had been voted."

Letter from Roy E. Glidewell continuing the theme of the previous day's letter, outlining what he would do if appointed to the 21st Circuit Court Judgeship.

Letter from L. B. Hargrave to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, reporting his own defeat in the election for Carroll County probate judge, and saying it was preceded being "visited by one of [Pendergast's] henchmen from Kansas City, and was warned by same if I didn't get in with the Pendergast crowd I would be defeated.".

Letter from Lowell R. Johnson to 1936 Missouri gubernatorial candidate Jesse Barrett, indicating the presence of election fraud in Kansas City.

Letter from Josephine Lay to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark discussing attitudes about his recent endoresement by Tom Pendergast.

Letter from Governor Park to Tom Pendergast of Kansas City, providing an introduction for Shaffer Lann.

Letter updating gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark on fundraising activites and expenditures for the campaign.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to Arthur L. "Mac" McKenney, editor of The Labor magazine, thanking him for his comments on the upcoming election.