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Third Annual American Legion Convention Reviewing Stand Ticket

William T. Kemper, Sr.'s ticket for seat 11, row 2 on the reviewing stand at the Third Annual American Legion Convention parade on November 1, 1921 in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Wheezer: Souvenir Issue

Autographed program cover of The Wheezer: Souvenir Issue, with signatures of Bennie and Bus Moten, Eddie Durham, Oran Page, no date. Source: Ida Minturn.

The Two Fours Club Annual Spice Tea

Invitation from the Two Fours Club to their Annual Spice Tea on Sunday, December 1, 1940 at 2534 Highland Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri.

The Rag Doll Club Dinner and Dance

Invitation from the Rag Doll Club to a dinner and dance at Elk's Rest on May 17, 1941.

The Pink Elephant Cocktail Menu

Cocktail menu and listing of packaged liquors available for sale at The Pink Elephant, "Kansas City's Most Beautiful Cocktail Room," located at the Hotel Stats on 12th Street. The cover notes that for patron protection, "every bottle of liquor in this hotel is registered and carries a permanent number."

The Optimistic Girls Cabaret Party

Invitation from the Optimistic Girls to a Cabaret Party at Lucille's Paradise on March 28, 1940.

The Kansas City American Circulation

A document details the circulation statistics of the Kansas City American for the 8-month period ending in August 31, 1933. It shows patrons in five surrounding states including Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

The Kansas City American Certificate of Registration

The certificate of incorporation for defunct Democratic Kansas City newspaper, the Kansas City American. This document was issued by Charles U. Becker, the secretary of state for the state of Missouri.

The Frog Club, Inc. Annual Spring Party

Invitation from the Frog Club, Inc. to a casual spring party at Elk's Rest.

The Bon-Ton Girls Annual Yule-tide Cocktail Hour

Invitation from the Bon-Ton Girls to a Annual Yule-tide Cocktail Hour at 2308 Brooklyn Avenue on December 3, 1939.

The American Beauty Art Club Hill-Billy Party

Invitation from the American Beauty Art Club to a hillbilly themed party at Elk's Rest on May 24, 1940.

The American Beauty Art Club Cocktail Sip

Invitation for a "cocktail sip" sponsored by the American Beauty Art Club, held on Sunday, April 21, 1940 at 2300 Lydia Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri.