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Crown Drugstore lunch counter menu from the 1930s listing drinks, ice cream, sandwiches, and other items.

Menu for Club Continental, owned by Sam Morris and Eddie Spitz, including cocktails, wines, and other drink options.

Souvenir photograph from the College Inn, showing Marjorie Wright, Johnnie Wright, Ruth Wright, Gerry Kenney, Clarence Kenney, Beulah Koonse, and Eddie Spitz and Vearl Osadchey.

Handbill advertising Harrison Blackburn and His Happy Entertainers, appearing with the Lawrence Denton Orchestra, at Little Casino "just a half block west of Main on Second Street."

Cocktail menu and listing of packaged liquors available for sale at The Pink Elephant, "Kansas City's Most Beautiful Cocktail Room," located at the Hotel Stats on 12th Street. The cover notes that for patron protection, "every bottle of liquor in this hotel is registered and carries a permanent number."

Invitation to the Sky-high "12" Club's 3rd Annual Spring Dance at Lincoln Hall.

Lawrence Denton and His Seibrand Brothers Circus Orchestra Handbill

Handbill advertising Lawrence Denton and His Seibrand Bros. Circus Orchestra performing at Shine Hall. Admission is thirty-five cents and attendeees are instructed to "come for fun ... not to fight!"

Menu cover, ca. 1934, of speakeasy/nightclub Dante's Inferno, once located at 1104 Independence Avenue. Dante, nude women, and snakes are depicted as part of the nightclub's logo. Source: Ida Minturn.

1940 Special Tax Stamp receipt for Paradise Inn in order to act as a retail liquor dealer. Paradise Inn was once located near the intersection of Highway 40 and Skiles Avenue near the eastern limits of Kansas City, Missouri. Source: Ida Minturn.

Membership card for WDAF/The Kansas City Star’s Nighthawks. The card reads: "WDAF, The Kansas City Star's Nighthawks, "The Enemies of Sleep". This is to certify that Steve is a member of the Kansas City Star's Nighthawks and has been granted an official charter from WDAF." Source: John Coon.

Business card of Professor Adolph von Blitzen's “Little German Band,” no date. The card describes the band as "Radio Artists - Old Time Music." The back of the card reads, "Wanted -- A girl with good reputation who can cook frog legs and who can stand a little future fun at parties and frolicking without getting sick.

Autographed program cover of The Wheezer: Souvenir Issue, with signatures of Bennie and Bus Moten, Eddie Durham, Oran Page, no date. Source: Ida Minturn.