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Preferred stock certificate for Truman & Jacobson, Incorporated, signed and sealed on March 10, 1921. The document provides a receipt that John H. Thacher owns 5 shares of the company, at $100.00 per share. The certificate includes signatures by Truman and Jacobson.

Typed on United States Senate Memorandum paper, this list includes the names and addresses of every Pendergast Democratic Organization officer and ward leader including Thomas J. Pendergast, James M. Pendergast, George Harrington, Elijah Mathes, and B. W. Gnefkow.

Business card of "James M. Pendergast, Attorney at Law, 1209 Commerce Bldg., Kansas City Missouri. Phone Harrison 5166."

A short biography and profile of William Marshall Boyle, Jr. made for journalist Doris Fleeson. Boyle was the Pendergast precinct captain of the 8th Ward in Kansas City and then appointed by Mayor Bryce B. Smith to Director of the Kansas City Police Department.

Harry S. Truman's Kansas City Club certificate of membership and receipt for the same. As of October 3, 1919, Truman had payed the full membership and initiation fee of $275.00.

Photocopy of a partially complete note for $1000 made and signed by Harry S. Truman and T. J. Pendergast. The Harry S. Truman Library and Museum does not hold the original document.

The Truman for U.S. Senator 1940 Club member cards of C. A. Schutty and Alvin Roberts. Active members are those that have "pledged active support in the coming campaign." Included on the card is a small, monochromatic drawing of Harry S. Truman.

Campaign materials for James M. Douglas in his candidacy for Missouri Supreme Court. It describes his military service, education, and work as a lawyer and judge, and quotes the Independence Examiner as the "Kind of a Man Missouri Should Be Proud to Have."

Application for membership to the Local No. 124 of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, filled out by Katie L. McKinsey, age 26. At the time of application on January 18, 1934, McKinsey was employed at Donnelly Garment Company and had been a sewing machine operator for 6 years.

Invitation for a "cocktail sip" sponsored by the American Beauty Art Club, held on Sunday, April 21, 1940 at 2300 Lydia Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri.

A bill for a car loan of Dr. Milton C. Lewis for payment to Jardon Investment Company, 1813 Grand Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri. This bill of November 27, 1936 shows $49.61 owed on a Buick.

Invitation from the Bon-Ton Girls to a Annual Yule-tide Cocktail Hour at 2308 Brooklyn Avenue on December 3, 1939.