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Campaign materials promoting voter approval for civic improvement bonds in Kansas City on May 26, 1931.

To Democrats of the Seventh Precinct Seventh Ward

Mailing to Kansas City Democratic voters, encouraging them to turn out early and vote for Lloyd C. Stark for Governor and Ernest S. Gantt for Supreme Court Judge of Missouri.

The Recent Primary Victory

Statement by William Hirth, publisher of The Missouri Farmer, discussing the recent Missouri Supreme Court primary election. He describes it as "the greatest blow ever struck for decent government in the history of Missouri" and demonstrating "that when the people finally tire of political bossism they can and will arise in their might, and smite it hip and thigh."

Shall the Boss Control Clay County?

Leaflet advocating a vote for James Douglas in the Missouri Supreme Court election in order to keep Clay County "free and peaceful." It states that "a vote for Billings means you approve the BOSS and also Crooked Elections, Vote Frauds, Red-Light Districts, Night Clubs with wide open gambling catering to your children ... and an army of hoodlums to force these conditions upon you."

James Douglas Campaign Materials

Draft campaign materials for the James Douglas for Supreme Court campaign, including a statement written by Governor Lloyd C. Stark asserting that "the same political boss and the organization he dominates ... are trying to extend their sinister influence to our Supreme Court."

James Douglas Campaign Literature

Campaign materials for James M. Douglas in his candidacy for Missouri Supreme Court. It describes his military service, education, and work as a lawyer and judge, and quotes the Independence Examiner as the "Kind of a Man Missouri Should Be Proud to Have."

Fred E. Whitten: Coalition Candidate for Mayor

Leaflet promoting Fred Whitten as the Coalition candidate for Kansas City mayor.

Donnelly Garment Company vs. International Ladies Garment Workers Union, et al.: Exhibit "A", ILGWU Announcement

A leaflet for the public, written by the Kansas City Joint Board of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union (ILGWU). The ILGWU requests that the public boycott the Donnelly Garment Company for denying of its workers "the rights and privileges, wage scales, and hours of work that prevail in every shop in the dress industry throughout the country." Included in the leaflet is a copy of a letter written from ILGWU Kansas City Joint Board Manager Wave Tobin to the Donnelly Garment Company on March 9, 1937 addressing concerns by the union.

Big Sister Club Resumé

Leaflet providing information on the Big Sister Club, a Kansas City organization providing housing for young business girls. The document details the cost of furnishings, officers of club, Big Sister Service Club officers, advisory board, and the hostess, Nellie Wolever.

Airport Bond Election Flyer

Leaflet with a cartoon advocating for airport bonds in Kansas City.

"They're Off!"

Flyer advertising a kickoff party for the opening of the Riverside Race Track.

"His Master's Voice"

Political advertisement, disparaging Democratic candidate for governor, Lloyd C. Stark, for being endorsed by Tom Pendergast.