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Biography of Hermon Samuel Major, M.D., including a family history, description of Dr. Major's early life, and his entrance into the Scarritt Collegiate Institute in Neosho, Missouri, where Will Rogers was a classmate. Major later boarded with Senator and Mrs.

Manuscript written circa 1937-1938 describing the personalities, background, and undertakings of the various superintendents of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union Carry A. Nation Home in Kansas City, Kansas. These short biographies provide an account of each leader of the home from 1919 until the creation of the document.

Harry S. Truman's final draft of his statement on the reappointment of Maurice Milligan as U.S. Attorney. Truman strongly opposes Milligan's reappointment because he finds him to be morally and professionally unqualified.

A ten page typewritten history of Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr.'s political career in relation to Missouri politics through 1935 when the President of the United States removed him from office.

Two-page typewritten article titled, "Hon. John T. Wayland Overrules the U. S. Supreme Court and Appoints a Democrat. - A Republican After Holding the Sinecure for Thirty Years Is Deposed - An Interesting Story from Washington" by an unknown author.

Manuscript by J. C. Nichols for publication in the J. C. Nichols Edition of the "National Real Estate Journal," February 1939. Nichols discussing the difficulties in extending or perpetuating property restrictions in an effort to retain property value.

Speech made by J. C. Nichols in Washington, D.C. in June, 1924. Nichols discusses how community features such as neighborhood activities, golf courses, and festive decorations add distinction and consumer appeal to fledgling subdivisions.

Manuscript in which Milton C. Lewis outlines talking points (possibly for a speech) concerning political, social, and economic issues that affect the Kansas City black community. The first talking point mentions the Pendergast Machine and efforts to dismantle it.