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Sheet music for "The Heim Two-Step, Kansas City, Mo., March by N. Clark Smith," leader of the Kansas City Pickaninni Band. This document was published by Carl Hoffman of Kansas City, Mo. in 1897.

Cover to Electric Park Rag, a rag time two step by Jean Ledies and arranged by Rocco Venuto. Featured by Lenge's Military Band and published by Lenge & Venuto, 1320 South Paseo Place, Kansas City, Missouri. Two photos of Electric Park and a portrait of Lenge are shown. Source: Inst. Studies in American Music/UMKC.

Sheet music cover for A Faded Summer Love, a fox trot ballad, with words and music by Phil Baxter and featuring Ziegfeld star, Ruth Etting. Autographed by Phil Baxter. Source: Cliff Haliburton.

Sheet music cover for Kiss Me, My Sweetheart, written and autographed by Phil Baxter. Baxter writes, "For Clifford, Thanks for the many favors tendered me during my vacation. Phil B (St. Joseph Hospital 2-11-30-8:05PM)." Source: Cliff Haliburton.

Sheet music cover for Hi-Diddle-Diddle, a novelty fox trot song with ukulele accompaniment. Written by Carleton A. Coon, Coon-Sanders Orchestra, and Hal Keidel. Source: Cliff Haliburton.