3rd Street

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Circa 1940 photograph with aerial view looking down onto the City Market and the neighborhood directly to the northeast, including the ASB Bridge.

Photograph of recently demolished buildings on at the southeast corner of Walnut Street and 3rd Street. This vantage point faces east-northeast with the Muehlebach Brewery.

Photograph looking west on the north side of 3rd Street between Walnut Street and Main Street. Pictured establishments include the Cozy House, B. Ossep Com. Co., and L. Yukon & Son Produce.

1940's photograph of Columbus Park looking west-northwest with an unpaved 4th Street between Gillis Street and Harrison Street in the foreground and the intersection of 4th and Harrison in the left background. Houses along 3rd Street and Harrison are also shown in the background.

Architect's model of the New Municipal Market which was planned to be completed in 1938 on the grounds of the demolished City Hall and Market.