62nd Street

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Wornall Manor Sign

Sign for Wornall Manor, looking southwest from the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue, Valley Road, and 62nd Street.

Wornall Manor Playground

This picture was taken looking north-northeast at the southern tip of Wornall Manor playground, once located in the interior of block six, between 62nd and 63rd Streets, Valley Road and Summit Streets. Several children are shown playing on playground equipment while adults watch from a distance.

Swope Park Christian Church

Circa 1925 photograph with partial front view of the Swope Park Christian Church located at the northwest corner of 62nd Street and Swope Parkway.

Scene on Ward Parkway in Beautiful Country Club District, Kansas City, Mo.

Postcard showing Ward Parkway and a pond between the southbound and northbound lanes of Ward Parkway between 61st Terrace and 62nd Street in Kansas City, Missouri. This vantage point faces north towards the Country Club Christian Church from just west of the southbound lane of Ward Parkway, near 62nd Street. The back of the postcard includes a short letter.

Japanese Maple and House of Neil G. Lilley

An autochrome photograph of a Japanese maple tree in the afternoon in the front yard of Neil G. Lilley, Chairman, Kansas City Structural Steel Company.

Japanese Double Peach Tree

An autochrome photograph of a Japanese double peach tree on the property of Nat Milgram, founder of Milgram's Grocery Stores. This vantage point faces southeast on 62nd Street east of Ward Parkway.

Greenway Fields

Two residents, a man and a woman, of Greenway Fields walk near the Rams' Heads, a decorative motif for a trellis over the sidewalk on Valley Road near 62nd Street. This vantage point faces north-northeast on Valley Road south of 62nd Street.