68th Street

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Wilbur H. Dunn Park

Photograph of Wilbur H. Dunn Park in the summer of 1937, looking north from 68th St. at the Paseo, Kansas City, Missouri.

Romanelli Gardens

Romanelli Gardens, the northeast portion of the Armour Farm, just west of Wornall Road and south of 67th Street, has been added to the developing section of the Country Club District. This vantage point faces north-northeast at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and 68th Terrace were this fountain was once located. The houses on the northern side of 68th Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and Wornall Road can be seen in the background and the steeple of the Sixth Church of Christ Scientist at 400 West 67th Street can be seen to the right in the far background.

Pink "American Beauty" Roses

An autochrome photograph of Miss Susan Stewart's pink "American Beauty" roses on her garage, taken from the north.

Otto P. Higgins Inmate File: Lane Parole Recommendation

Letter from Ralph F. Lane regarding the parole of Otto P. Higgins, Inmate #55996-L. Lane writes that Higgins "has always borne a good reputation and has been highly respected," and has suffered greater punishment than other prisoners due to losing his license to practice law. Higgins, the former director of the Kansas City Police Department, was sentenced to two years in the United States Penitentiary at Leavenworth on charges of income tax evasion.