Downtown Airport

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R. E. Vetterli, James O'Neil, E. C. Reppert, Howard E. Hall, and Frank Collins

Clipping entitled "Police Head Thanks Pilot" from an article in Kansas City Journal-Post on June 3, 1933 documenting the kidnapping of Mary McElroy. The photograph's caption states, "Howard, E. Hall, pilot of the T. & W. A. [Transcontinental & Western Air] plane that brought back the McElroy kidnapers, was congratulated by E. C. Reppert, director of police, when he arrived at the airport. The picture shows R. E. Vetterli, chief agent, department of justice; James O’Neil, secretary to the chief of police; Mr. Reppert, Howard E.

Paul Henning interviewing Bernice Claire

KMBC reporter, Paul Henning (who later went to Hollywood and produced Petticoat Junction and The Beverly Hillbillies) interviewing Bernice Claire; flanked by Ruth Warrick and Dick Berger at the Downtown Airport in Kansas City, Mo.

Passenger Station, Night View, Kansas City Municipal Airport

Postcard looking west towards the Kansas City Municipal Airport passenger station at night.

Nicholas-Beazley NB-3P Airplane

Photograph of men standing around a Nicolas-Beazley NB-3P monoplane at Municipal Airport. The airplane, reg. #9314, was produced by the Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Company of Marshall, Missouri.

Municipal Airport, Passenger Station

Postcard of the passenger station at the Municipal Airport.

Municipal Airport, Kansas City

Aerial view of Kansas City's Municipal Airport with the Missouri River and downtown Kansas City, Missouri in the background.

Municipal Airport Future Site

Circa 1920 photograph with aerial view of New Richards Field which soon became known as Municipal Airport. Hannibal Bridge is pictured in the background.

Municipal Airport Dedication

Photograph of Lou Holland, Conrad Mann and other unidentified people at the Municipal Airport dedication.

Municipal Airport at Night

Municipal Airport at night with a crowd gathered outside the main terminal building and a Ford Tri-Motor airplane on the runway. The aircraft was operated by Transcontinental Air Transport (TAT) - Maddux Air Lines, which merged with Transcontinental and Western Air (TWA) in 1930. Municipal Airport (known currently as Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport) is located on the opposite side of the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri Rivers.

Municipal Airport

Photograph with view of the terminal building at Municipal Airport, looking toward the southeast with the Kansas City skyline in the background. There are TWA airplanes on the ground and the Transcontinental & Western Air, Inc. (TWA) airport hanger building is in view.

Lockheed Orion 9E and Northrop Alpha 4A Airplanes at Municipal Airport

Photograph of a Lockheed Orion 9E airplane, NC12283, and a Northrop Alpha 4A airplane, NC933Y, at Municipal Airport in winter. Both aircraft were owned by Transcontinental and Western Air (TWA). This photograph was taken between May 1932 - July 1935. This vantage point faces south-southeast with the Power and Light Building (left-center, far background) and Quality Hill (right-center, far background).

Kidnappers of Mary McElroy

Clipping entitled "Group, Held in McElroy Kidnaping, Makes Bedraggled Return" in Kansas City Journal-Post on June 3, 1933 showing the kidnappers of Mary McElroy that escaped to Amarillo, Texas before being caught. The caption states, "The group arrested in Amarillo, Tex., in connection with the McElroy kidnaping appeared anything but happy when they got out of the plan at municipal airport. Left to right they are Walter H. McGee, leader of the gang; Mrs. Wendell Johnson, Wendell Johnson, Mrs. L. R. Gilbert and L. R. Gilbert. All were dressed in new clothes.