Election Frauds--1936

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Indictment in Criminal Case No. 13682: United States vs. E. D. Shannabarger, Irene Brennan, Nancy Bodenhammer, Nancy Constable, Everett Pippin, Bessie D. Adams, Charles H. Kaiser, and James McNamara, defendants.

Judgments and commitments in Criminal Case No. 14115: United States vs. John Jenkins, Edmund B. O'Brien, "Pete" Wilson Brummet, Dan Wiczkoski, Fred Johnston, Leona M. O'Brien, John F. Green, Elizabeth England, Clara Wilk, and Merle Thompson, defendants.

Judgments and commitments in Criminal Case No. 13769: United States vs. Robert C. Porter, Mary D. McComas, Lloyd W. Vinsant, Ruby Brannan, Hazel L. Holmes, Irene E. Vinsant, and George Warren, defendants.

Response letter from Governor Park to Hugh O'Connor of Kansas City indicating that he should contact the authorities or provide evidence if he has knowledge of election fraud activities.

Letter to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark advocating for a program to put juveniles to work on construction projects to offset delinquency.

Letter from Joseph Morton to Guy Park, accompanying a copy of a letter sent to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, stressing the need for action regarding allegations of election fraud in recent Kansas City primaries.

Letter from Lowell R. Johnson to 1936 Missouri gubernatorial candidate Jesse Barrett, indicating the presence of election fraud in Kansas City.

Letter from H. V. Shirts to Governor Guy B. Park urging him to take action against perpetrators of election fraud in recent Kansas City primaries.

Letter from Jesse M. Cain of Springfield to Lloyd Stark, advising him to Ben Harrison to avoid being swept up in negative Pendergast news coverage.

Letter from T. V. Bodine of Paris, Missouri to Lloyd Stark. Bodine advises him to tap W. W. Barnes as a campaign manager for Monroe County.

Letter from Jesse Barrett to Lowell R. Johnson inquiring about the possibility of filing a contest of Missouri election results in order to prompt a probe.

Letter from Guy Peabody to Governor Park describing the corrupt practices surrounding the upcoming election on November 3, 1936, and demanding action from him.