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Letter from Grover Childers to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, suggesting that the Pendergast machine hopes Stark will run against Maurice Milligan in the Senate race in an attempt to defeat both of them.

Article by E. Montgomery Reily in which he discusses the practice of Republicans voting in the Democratic primary during the recent election.

Letter from Homer B. Mann to Jesse Barrett, describing a recent publication about a Thomas Hart Benton mural as well as his feelings about voting fraud in Kansas City during the recent election.

Letter from John T. Barker to C. A. Leedy describing the primary race for Missouri Governor between Democrats Francis M. Wilson and Russell Dearmont.

Letter from W. W. Filkin to Edgar Shook suggesting that police protection at elections "has been nil in the past" and that National Guard forces might be in order to prevent voter intimidation. He reports that when he served as an election judge, he was "cursed" and "threatened."

Letter from Edward P. Heller to Francis M. Wilson

Letter from I. N. Watson to Jesse Barrett, losing Republican candidate for Missouri Governor, describing the prosecution of perpetrators of vote-rigging in Kansas City.

Leaflet promoting Fred Whitten as the Coalition candidate for Kansas City mayor.

Letter from Frederick Whitten congratulating Jesse Barrett for his work in removing Pendergast Machine affiliates.

Letter from J. E. Turner of Kansas City to Missouri gubernatorial candidate Francis M. Wilson, offering his assistance and inviting him on a hunting trip.

Letter from John T. Barker to Ralph F. Lozier in which Barker states that anyone that Thomas J. Pendergast supports will win the primary election in 1932. He then provides details on his predictions of election results.

Letter from Lester Seacat describes an enclosed chart of election-related activities in various districts in Kansas City.