Johnson Drive

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Shawnee State Bank, Johnson Drive

Photograph of buildings on the south side of Johnson Drive between Nieman Road and Barton Drive circa 1915. The Shawnee State Bank building, at the corner of Johnson and Nieman, stands at the left side of the image and is partly covered in ivy. Immediately to its west stands a vacant lot, then four more stone one- and two-story buildings. Telephone poles line Johnson Drive, which was known as Main Street at the time of the photo.

Shawnee State Bank on Johnson Drive

Photograph of Johnson Drive, looking west from Nieman Road, in downtown Shawnee circa the 1910s. Two men and a little girl stand outside the Shawnee State Bank building at the left o the photo, with other brick and stone commercial buildings extending down Johnson Drive. An automobile is parked on the street in the background, and utility poles line the street. Bunting and an American flag are mounted on the front of the bank building. The man in the foreground is identifed as Tom Davis, and the young girl, his daughter Helen. The third man is unidentified. 

Shawnee Mission Rural High School

Photograph of Shawnee Mission Rural High School, looking southwest from Johnson Drive, in the early 1920s. The two-story brick building with arched entryway opened in 1922, was renamed Shawnee Mission High School in 1945, and became Shawnee Mission North High School in 1958. 

Merriam School

Photograph of the two-story Merriam School building, located at Johnson Drive and King Avenue in Shawnee, Kansas, circa 1920. The pictured building was the second to house Merriam School, and was demolished in 1922. 

Johnson Drive & Nieman Road, Shawnee

Photograph of the intersection of Johnson Drive and Nieman Road in Shawnee, Kansas, circa 1920, looking west down Johnson Drive from its intersection with Nieman. Two men stand on a sidewalk in front of Shawnee's first bank, on the southwest corner of the intersection. 

Hauser Farm House

Photograph of the Hauser family farmhouse, located at 7100 Johnson Drive, in the early 1900s. Dr. Anton Hauser and his wife Theresa immigrated to the Kansas City area from Austria-Hungary in the 1880s, and later established an 80-acre farm at the northwest corner of 69 Highway and Johnson Drive. The house was demolished in October 1954.

Fairway, Kansas Land

Photograph of a grassy open field with telephone lines, parked cars, and trees in the background, circa 1937. A caption included with the original photo reads "Fairway, Kansas--before streets were graded and trees were planted. The white spot at left center is a signboard on Johnson Drive announcing 'Fairway--homesites for $20.00 per front foot." Fairway was opened early in 1938. --Photo Courtesy of J. C. Nichols Company."

Campbell's General Store, Merriam

Photograph of six men standing outside Campbell's General Store in Merriam, Kansas, circa 1915. Two men wear overalls, two wear aprons, and one appears to be wearing a transit employee uniform. Signs in the store window advertise Rocky Ford cigars and "Ice Cold Drinks." The store was run by J. M. Campbell, whose family settled in the Merriam area in 1862.