Kansas City Bar Association

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Cover page of the Kansas City Bar bulletin and a single page, advertising a dinner in honor of Missouri Supreme Court judges.

Telegram from Tom Pendergast to Guy Park in opposition to a bill reducing salaries of Kansas City circuit judges but not salaries of judges elsewhere in the state.

Mary Tiera Farrow

On November 8, 1917, Mary Tiera Farrow and 20 other female lawyers formed the Women's Bar Association of Kansas City. Farrow was one of the few women in the United States who successfully practiced law in the early 1900s, overcoming the discrimination women faced in the legal field and society generally. Having been denied the professional benefits of any existing bar association, she led a group of 20 women in establishing their own bar in Kansas City. It was just one of many pioneering acts that Farrow undertook for herself and for women's rights at large.