Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra

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Future: Vol. I, No. 10

Issue of the anti-corruption, Kansas City-based newspaper, Future: The Newsweekly for Today. The front page includes an article, continued on page 8, with a photo and brief history of the Kansas City Municipal Airport (later called the Downtown Airport) "between North Kansas City and Kansas City proper," dedicated in 1927 and opened in 1929 with four airlines and reorganization after "cancellation of government mail contracts" in 1934. Other featured articles include: “Snapshots of the Week” (p.

Certificate of William T. Kemper, Sr. as Benefactor of the Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra

Certificate for the 1935-36 season certifying that William T. Kemper is designated as a benefactor of the Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra "in recognition of the fine civic spirit shown and the enthusiastic and energetic assistance given in the establishment of the Orchestra as a cultural and educational asset for Kansas City and its trade territory."