Kansas City Police Department

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Kansas City Police Department record for Morris "Snag" Klein, including numerous charges of disturbing the peace, traffic violations, and running a gambling game and keeping gambling equipment, from 1930 to 1948.

FBI record for Kansas City organized crime figure Frank DeLuca, including violations with the Immigration and Nationalization Service.

Letter from Special Agent R. C. Lynn regarding his investigation into Otto P. Higgins, Inmate #55996-L. Lynn argues that Higgins was appointed to his post as director of the Kansas City Police department "over the objections of Mr. T. J. Pendergast and the late Mr. H. F.

Letter from G. M. Burns, director of the Kansas City Safety Council, regarding the parole of Otto P. Higgins, Inmate #55996-L. Burns writes of Higgins' good work as director of the police department, particularly noting his achievements in greater traffic safety, increased training for officers, and reducing juvenile delinquency.

U.S. Attorney's report on Otto P. Higgins, Inmate #55996-L, which records Higgins' defense attorney, summarizes the charges, and notes the sentence imposed. The report notes that the income Higgins is charged with evading taxes on was received from "protected gamblers and other forms of organized vice." U.S.

Transcript of the parole hearing for Otto P. Higgins, Inmate #55996-L, before the Judge T. Webber Wilson. Wilson questions Higgins about his crime of income tax evasion, his work and personal history, and his plans for work should he be paroled.

Transcript of minutes from Tom Pendergast's parole hearing before Arthur D. Wood, chairman of the United States Board of Parole. Pendergast notes his health problems, including a bad heart and colostomy, and lack of prior convictions, as reasons he should be released from the penitentiary.

Letter from Mrs. H. R. Sharp, state parole officer, regarding the parole of Otto P. Higgins, Inmate #55996-L.

Letter from Tom L. Evans, president of Crown Drug Company, regarding the parole of Otto P. Higgins, Inmate #55996-L.

Letter from Joseph McGee regarding the parole of Otto P. Higgins, Inmate #55996-L.

Court Opinion by Commissioner Walter N. Davis for Criminal Case No. 30129: State of Missouri vs. Oscar Rowe, Appellant. Kansas City Republican Precinct Captain Oscar Rowe was found guilty of giving corn whiskey to Arch Duncan as part of a larger scheme to deprive Democratic voters from voting in the November 6, 1928 presidential election.

Kansas City Police Department radio logs from the morning of June 17, 1933 during the Union Station Massacre. These transcriptions were used in support of the defendant in Criminal Case No. 35160: State of Missouri vs. Adam Richetti. The report describes the suspects as "very neatly dressed."