Locust Street

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Voting in Courtroom During 1936 Election

Clipping entitled "Court Order Votes" from the Kansas City Journal-Post on November 3, 1936 showing Kansas Citians voting at various polling locations on General Election Day. The caption states, "Above is a scene in the circuit court room of Judge Darius A. Brown Tuesday where many unregistered persons made application for court orders to permit them to vote. By the time Judge Brown, shown in the high-backed chair in the center background, recessed for lunch, he had granted 149 vote orders."

Rock quarry at 55th and Locust Street

The rock quarry at 55th and Locust Street during the construction of Crestwood Drive.

Rock quarry and steam shovel

Three men working at a rock quarry with steam shovel at Crestwood Drive and Locust Street.

Mayor Bryce B. Smith in the New City Hall

Photograph of Bryce B. Smith standing, facing left in the new City Hall at the northeast corner of 12th Street and Oak Street, ca. 1937-39. Source: Bernard Ragan.

Locust Street Near 40th

Circa 1925 photograph of Locust Street looking north between 39th Street and 40th Street. Locust Street north of 39th Street and the residence at 3826 Locust are shown in the distance.

Locust North from 12th

Photograph looking north from the northwest corner of 12th Street and Locust Street.

Locust North Between Independence and 6th

Photograph looking north along the east side of Locust Street between Independence Boulevard and 6th Street. The Jackson County Courthouse and the K.C. Cold Storage Building is pictured to the left.

L. P. Cookingham

L. P. Cookingham, City Manager for Kansas City, Missouri, at his desk in City Hall, ca. 1945. Source: Kansas City Museum (George Fuller Green Collection).

KMBC Special Broadcast, 1938-11-21, Kansas City Police Department Headquarters Tour, Part 1

Extant excerpt of a KMBC special radio broadcast: While touring floor-to-floor through the new police headquarters building, KMBC correspondenct Neil Keen interviews various Kansas City police officers about their work and their opinion on the new building.

Jackson County, Missouri Courthouse

Jackson County, Missouri courthouse building as it looked in Kansas City about 1936. Harry S. Truman, as Presiding Judge of Jackson County, was instrumental in the building of the courthouse. This photograph was likely taken atop the Jackson County Detention Home at the southeast corner of 13th Street and Locust Street, looking north-northwest towards the courthouse and the Kansas City City Hall in the background.

Jackson County Juvenile Court Building

Photograph of the Jackson County Juvenile Court Building, also known as Jackson County Parental School. This vantage point faces east-southeast from the southwest corner of Locust Street and 13th Street.

Inter-State Building

Circa 1928 photograph with frontal and side view of the Inter-State (Interstate) Building, located at the southwest corner of 13th and Locust streets.