Main Street

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Photograph looking north from the south side of intersection of 39th Street and Main Street.

Photograph looking east along the north side of 12th Street from just west of Main Street. The Jones Store is pictured to the right.

Photograph looking north from the original intersection of Main Street and 40th Street. Montrose Hotel is pictured center.

Circa 1930 photograph with an aerial view looking north near 14th and Walnut; shows Kansas City Power and Light and Fidelity National Bank buildings under construction. Both the second Hannibal Bridge and the ASB Bridge are in view as well as the Municipal Airport.

Photograph with caption, "The Main Street hump north of 49th Street is high above the playground of the E. C. White School. The picture shows a proposal to cut 6 feet of elevation of Main Street to a grade of 4.18%. This vantage point faces northwest from the north side of 49th Street between Main Street and Walnut Street.

Photograph with caption, "southwest corner of Main and 41st Streets where the proposed Brookside Boulevard and Mill Creek Drive connections would enter Main Street." The photograph's annotations show proposed road improvements.

Photograph with caption, "Another view of the 'hump' in Main Street north of 49th St." This vantage point faces north-northeast on the west side of Main Street just south of 49th Street.

Photograph with caption, "looking east from the heights of the old quarry. Note that Main Street is higher than the land on either side."

Circa 1932 photograph with view of the old Saint Mary's Hospital, 2800 Main Street, looking west.

Photograph with caption, "looking southwest from the roof of Sophian Plaza" at the northwest corner of Warwick Boulevard and Brush Creek Boulevard (presently Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard). The Country Club Car Line and E.C. White School (center background) are pictured.

Photograph with caption, "Brush Creek Boulevard and Country Club Plaza [looking west] from roof of Sophian Plaza." The annotations on the photogaph label streets and show proposed road improvements.

Photograph with caption, "Main Street looking north toward 40th Street showing the depressed street grade that should be raised to meet existing yard levels and the new new curb lines fixed by recent condemnation."