Midwest Distributing Company

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Profiles of prominent Kansas City organized crime figures, including Charles Binaggio, Gaetano "Thomas" Lococo, and James Balestrere.

Memorandum summarizing the biography and criminal activity of James Balestrere.

Memorandum regarding Joseph DiGiovanni, former Kansas City bootlegger and brother of Peter DiGiovanni.

Memorandum regarding Peter DiGiovanni, former Kansas City bootlegger and brother of Joseph DiGiovanni. The two brothers operated Mid-West Distribution Company, a liquor distributor throughout Jackson County, which also employed other mafia-affiliated men.

Profiles of Kansas City organized crime figures Joe "Scarface" DiGiovanni, his brother Peter "Sugarhouse Pete" DiGiovanni, James Balestrere, Nicolo Impostato, Vincent Chiapetta, Thomas Lococo, Tony Gizzo, and Joseph DeLuca, including biographical information, discussions of criminal involvement and known associates, and recor

Transcript of the application to suspend or revoke the license of Peter and Joseph DiGiovanni, doing business as Midwest Distributing Company, 1109 Cherry Street, Kansas City, Missouri in Case No. 548628: Missouri vs. Peter DiGiovanni and Joseph DiGiovanni.