Missouri Supreme Court Primary 1938

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From Charles L. Dunham to Jesse Barrett

Letter from Charles L. Dunham to Jesse Barrett discussing his hopes for the upcoming election.

From Cecil F. Holman to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from Cecil F. Holman to Governor Lloyd Stark, writing that he and his family didn't vote for Stark in 1936 due to his Pendergast support, but wish to make up for that by working for the election of Judge James Douglas to the Missouri Supreme Court. He also provides information about Kansas City Democratic leaders including Colonel Frederick Whitten.

From C. M. Kackley to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from C. M. Kackley to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, writing that it has only been a few years since "many poor devil and women have been consigned to the cold gray walls of prison for doing ...

From C. M. Fleming to Governor Stark

Letter from C.M. Fleming to Governor Stark regarding county political races in and around Versailles, Missouri. Fleming identifies Pendergast-aligned state employees and recommends one for dismissal.

From C. E. Blomquist to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from C. E. Blomquist to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, congratulating him on Douglas's win, but requesting he "come to Kansas City and break up this insidious ring of Italians and Pendergast workers who are fostering such a string of 200 or 300 gambling houses upon our people."

From Burns Strader to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from Burns Strader to Governor Lloyd C. Stark regarding the upcoming Missouri Supreme Court primary. He writes that "the elections have been characterized by deliberate violation of the law governing elections," and offers suggestions for cleaning up the process.

From Bert Lyon to "My dear Friend"

Letter from Bert Lyon describing his friendship with and support for Tom Pendergast, as well as endorsing James Billings for Missouri Supreme Court. He claims that "perhaps in all American history there never was a national figure who was more misunderstood than Mr. Pendergast," and that Governor Stark "has proved himself an ingrate."

From Anonymous to Governor Stark

Anonymous letter to Governor Stark complaining of voter fraud in Kansas City.

From A. P. Clarson to E. J. McMahon

Letter from A. P. Clarkson to E. J. McMahon, discussing Inspector Morris Nunn campaigning for James Billings for Missouri Supreme Court.

Equal Justice Under Tom's Law

Political cartoon entitled "Equal Justice Under Tom's Law," depicting Tom Pendergast with the Missouri Supreme Court in his pocket.