Olive Street

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Olive at 11th Street

Photograph looking north along the west side of Olive Street from 11th Street. Sidewalk and car in view.

Henry C. Kumpf School

Photograph of with an exterior view of Henry C. Kumpf Public School, built in 1920 on the north side 45th Street between Olive Street and Wabash Avenue. Named after former member and officer of the Board of Education, August 1867 - November 1890. This vantage point faces north near the northeast corner of 45th and Olive.

From Mr. & Mrs. Fowler to Guy B. Park

Letter from Mr. and Mrs. Fowler of Kansas City, urging Governor Guy Park to rid the city of the corrupt Democratic political machine.

From Joseph A. Taranto to Governor Stark

Letter describing the corrupt practices of the WPA offices in Kansas City, under the direction of Matt Murray.

City Ice Company, Plant No. 21

Circa 1930 photograph with full frontal and side view of City Ice Company of Kansas City, Plant No. 21 known as the Dodson plant; located at 85th and Olive streets and built in 1927. This vantage point faces northwest from the south side of 85th Street between Olive Street and Wabash Avenue.