Pendergast Machine

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Letter from R. Emmet O'Malley, director of the Kansas City Water Department, to Robert E. Hannegan, regarding the candidacy of Mrs. McDaniels for statewide office. McDaniels was supported by "the St. Louis organization," and Tom Pendergast stated that he would not oppose their candidate.

Letter from Mrs. A. P. Wolf to Missouri Governor Guy Park complaining about her pension and the political corruption in the federal and local Kansas City governments.

Letter to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark and his campaign manager from Oliver A. Cook, pledging his support in the upcoming election.

Letter from G. H. Hirsch to Lloyd C. Stark, prior to Stark's election as governor, sending congratulations for Stark receiving the endorsement of "the Big Bos here in K.C." and offering his assistance for the campaign.

Draft campaign materials for the James Douglas for Supreme Court campaign, including a statement written by Governor Lloyd C. Stark asserting that "the same political boss and the organization he dominates ... are trying to extend their sinister influence to our Supreme Court."

Letter from Ralph F. Lozier to C. E. O'Dell in which Lozier informs O'Dell that he can not send his recommendation of O'Dell to Thomas J. Pendergast. Instead, he suggests sending the recommendation for employment to Joseph B. Shannon or Pete Kelly.

Letter from Dr. W. T. Elam to W. M. Marsh, discussing the alliances and influence of a "Dr. P." Elam clarifies that Dr. P's "loyalty will definitely be on the side of the Governor" but that "he and Dr. Bourke were both under obligation to Mr. P[endergast] for his endorsement."

Letter from David Proctor to Jesse Barrett, describing Kansas City Republicans as being aligned with the Pendergast Machine.

Letter from Walker C. Johnson to Lloyd Stark in which he describes the resentment toward the Pendergast machine in his part of Missouri.

Publication containing excerpts from newspapers throughout the state with endorsements and positive reports for Stark's candidacy for governor.

Letter signed "A Kansas Citian" to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, requesting assistance in ensuring honest elections in Kansas City by protecting voters, judges, and clerks.

Letter from James A. Reed to Tom Pendergast asking him to give consideration to J. J. Brink.