Pendergast Machine

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Letter from Juanita B. Huggins to Edgar Shook

Letter from Juanita B. Duggins to Edgar Shook, discussing the candidacy of James Douglas for the Missouri Supreme Court and the Pendergast machine's involvement in the race and the lack of confidence in elections.

Letter from Harold E. Brawley to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from Harold E. Brawley to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing corruption in the Missouri Works Progress Administration and State Highway Department in Reynolds County. Brawley writes that he "lost today's work on the State Highway because [he] said yesterday 'Our Gov. is right, for Judge Douglas is the proper man for the place,'" as well as other similar incidents.

Letter from George M. Morris to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from George M. Morris to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, writing regarding the development of a road between Jerico Springs and El Dorado Springs. He also discusses political appointments in Jerico Springs.

Letter from Charles H. Green to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from Chas. H. Green to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, inquiring as to how his family can support James Douglas' Missouri Supreme Court campaign in St. Clair County. Green describes himself as a Republican of long standing, but that he admires "honesty in politics as well as business, and we admire a Governor that has the courage of his convictions."

Letter from Charles D. Osborne to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from Charles D. Osborne to Lloyd C. Stark providing information on various individuals throughout the state, and stating that he believes Pendergast endorses good men. He is also concerned about drinking around the Capitol. Osborne describes himself as an "anti-prohibitionist" but worries that "mixed drinking in politics is bound to create very many unfortunate conditions and is demoralizing the women in politics."

Letter from Bonham E. Freeman to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from Bonham E. Freeman to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, reporting that Billings supporters were intending to make a last minute campaign push in Pike County "in order to discredit you in your own county," and describes the opinions of some locals "that the party is being injured by your disagreement with Pendergast."

Letter from "Executive Secretary" to Hon. Drew Pearson

Letter signed "Executive Secretary" to Hon. Drew Pearson, regarding the Missouri delegation to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. The letter says that, despite the efforts of the "anti-Roosevelt forces, headed by Missouri's Senior Senator" Bennett Clark and the Pendergast machine, the Missouri delegation to the convention "will be guided ... by a strongly worded resolution praising President Roosevelt's leadership," favored by Governor Stark.

Jesse Barrett Press Release

Text of a speech given by Jesse Barrett at the Annual Reunion of Montgomery County Old Settlers, 1938

James Douglas Campaign Materials

Draft campaign materials for the James Douglas for Supreme Court campaign, including a statement written by Governor Lloyd C. Stark asserting that "the same political boss and the organization he dominates ... are trying to extend their sinister influence to our Supreme Court."

Hearsay and Impressions: The Alex Sachs Family and Harry S. Truman

Essay documenting the relationship between the author's father Alex Sachs and Harry S. Truman. The author addresses their first meeting, Pendergast Machine involvement, and immigration of family members from Germany to the United States. Howard Sachs also includes details of their relationship post-World War II.

Governor Stark and the Machine

Statement by a rival of Lloyd Stark in the 1936 Democratic primary for governor. The writer states "when I entered the gubernatorial contest my only hope was that I might help to arouse the people of our State against the infamy of the Pendergast machine," and was concerned about Stark's endorsement by the Pendergast machine. In light of Stark's work to clean up government and elections, however, he states "my attitude for the Governor's courage has become one of unstinted admiration."

Goat and Rabbit Cartoon

Clipping with a cartoon depicting a group of rabbits forcing a goat to run away. The rabbits represent the Kansas City Democratic faction controlled by Joe Shannon whereas the goat represents the faction controlled by Tom Pendergast. The caption states, "Since the primary, a goat no longer guards the entrance to the farm of "Doc" Johnson, a rabbit leader."