Pendergast Machine

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Letter from L. E. Myers to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, stating that Jackson County prosecutor W. W. Graves is corrupt, and accusing him letting rapists and thieves go free in a case for a bribe.

Letter from Frederick Whitten congratulating Jesse Barrett for his work in removing Pendergast Machine affiliates.

Letter from Frank A. Brannock to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, describing Tom Pendergast as the Democratic party's "worst enemy" and describes increased support for James Douglas in Stoddard County for the Missouri Supreme Court primary.

Draft of an editorial for True Detective Mysteries, a true crime magazine, about the political corruption in Kansas City and how it is being brought down.

Letter from Frank A. Burns to Lloyd C. Stark reporting that he believes the upcoming election will be about the fight against Tom Pendergast and bossism.

Letter signed "Hayz" to Lloyd C. Stark indicating that some people thought Roy McKittrick would be a strong opponent for Stark in the gubernatorial election and that the machine had not yet decided which candidate to support.

Text of a speech given by Jesse Barrett at the Annual Reunion of Montgomery County Old Settlers, 1938

Letter from L. B. Hargrave to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, reporting his own defeat in the election for Carroll County probate judge, and saying it was preceded being "visited by one of [Pendergast's] henchmen from Kansas City, and was warned by same if I didn't get in with the Pendergast crowd I would be defeated.".

Anonymous letter to Lloyd Stark complaining about an illegal tavern near Rockville, Missouri.

Letter from Mrs. Edna Wilhoit of Springifeld, Missouri to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, lauding his work dismantling the Pendergast Machine, and noting the support of her and other Greene County Democrats for Judge James M. Douglas. She asks what she and others might do in support of the campaign.

Letter from Curtis M. Gott to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark discussing his recent endorsement by Tom Pendergast.

Letter from William M. Ledbetter to Lloyd C. Stark discussing the logistics of the upcoming campaign, including how much time Stark will spend at his home in Louisiana, the upcoming Missouri Press Association meeting and American Royal, and gossip about other potential candidates including William Hirth.