Pendergast Machine

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Letter from Rich Correll to Governor Park referencing an attached editorial which excoriates the Kansas City Star for its supposed anti-Democratic leanings.

Letter from A. Reed Wilson to Lloyd Stark regarding the appointment of Dr. Whitsell to run Stark's campaign in northwest Missouri.

Letter from Jimmy Hurst to Lloyd C. Stark, congratulation Stark on receiving the endorsement of the Pendergast organization, and vowing to work "to see that you are elected by one of the greatest and highest figures of all time."

Letter from Thomas M. Chinn to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, who says he is "for Mr Douglass tooth &toe nail," and thanking Stark for his work toward having a clean government and describing Pendergast men campaigning for James Billings for the upcoming Missouri Supreme Court primary.

Letter from R. M. Livesay to Ralph F. Lozier in which Livesay suggests Lozier make a public statement as to his intentions for candidacy in Congress. He then discusses the Postermaster position in Versailles, Missouri.

Letter to Governor Lloyd stark praising him for his efforts in removing Pendergast influence from the state management of WPA projects.

Letter from James M. Pendergast to Guy B. Park recommending George McGillen for a position as guard at the penitentiary.

Political advertisement in the form of a letter to Missouri voters which characterizes Lloyd Stark as a corrupt affiliate of the Pendergast machine.

Letter from R. McD. Smith, Jr. to Lloyd C. Stark offering to write an article in support of Stark, and reporting positive sentiments about his campaign in Kansas City.

Letter from John T. Harding to L. H. Forman, discussing anti-Clark/Douglas circulars being "thrown into the river" in St. Louis.

Letter from Senator James A. Reed to James M. Pendergast forwarding a request from a young man seeking assistance.

Letter from R. Emmet O'Malley, director of the Kansas City Water Department, to Robert E. Hannegan, regarding the candidacy of Mrs. McDaniels for statewide office. McDaniels was supported by "the St. Louis organization," and Tom Pendergast stated that he would not oppose their candidate.