Pendergast Machine

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Letter from J. R. Smith to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, expressing frustration with a 1938 election. Smith also describes having had 70 head of cattle stolen and having abandoned his farm as a result.

The Footman newsletter, containing an article by William Hirth for Missouri Ruralist entitled "Hirth Supports Judge Douglas," a recap of a meeting of the Democratic Equal Rights Club. The paper endorses James V. Billings for Missouri Supreme Court.

Letter from Arthur Freund to Arthur Vanderbilt describing the legal justification for pursuing election fraud cases in Kansas City.

Letter from an unknown constituent in Kansas City complaining about the illegal activities of a pool hall in northeast Kansas City.

Letter from Tony Buford to Lloyd C. Stark discussing his projection for the make up of the next House of Representatives, as well as support for Stark vs. William Hirth for governor.

Letter from Wilce Curtner to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, reporting that a Steele citizen named A. A. Kelley, "a prominent merchant of this city," who is "well known in the political circles of this section," was becoming a Stark supporter after he and his family were allied with the Pendergast machine.

Letter from Francis Wilson to James M. Pendergast describing the actions of H. G. Cherry, a Pendergast affiliate who was nonetheless speaking ill of Senator Wilson.

Letter from Charles U. Becker to Guy B. Park vouching for H. W. Hershberger with the State Highway Department. Becker asserts that Hershberger did not speak against Tom Pendergast during a recent campaign and thus should not be fired.

Letter to Lloyd Stark in which W. M. Ledbetter informs him of information about Republican misdeeds in St. Louis, which may serve to distract the public from complaints about Stark's apparent affiliation with Tom Pendergast.

Letter from Charles W. Dickey to Lloyd C. Stark regarding Stark's campaign for Missouri governor and the impact of the Pendergast organization on his support. Dickey writes that he hopes Stark will receive the support of either the Kansas City or St.

Postcard from E. E. West to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, stating his support for James M. Douglas in the upcoming Supreme Court primary and accusing corruption in city concrete business.

Letter from Edgar Shook to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on April 16, 1934. Shook agrees with Mitchell on the necessity of a Kansas City candidate for Senate that is not tied to the Pendergast machine. He then discusses possible candidates for said position.