Pendergast Machine

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Letter from Kansas City Court of Appeals judge, Ewing C. Bland, to his uncle on April 19, 1921. Bland comments in relation to his own political campaign that, "The Pendergast faction now seems the strongest and could no doubt control any delegation from this county."

From Joseph A. Taranto to Governor Stark

Letter describing the corrupt practices of the WPA offices in Kansas City, under the direction of Matt Murray.

Letter from John E. Robertson to Guy B. Park regarding violence and election fraud taking place at a March 6th primary election.

Letter from O. W. Joslyn of Charleston, Missouri to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, assuring him that support for his opponent is not strong in Mississippi County.

Letter from Richard Johnson to Lloyd C. Stark, congratulating him on his endorsement by the Pendergast machine.

Letter from Bert Lyon describing his friendship with and support for Tom Pendergast, as well as endorsing James Billings for Missouri Supreme Court. He claims that "perhaps in all American history there never was a national figure who was more misunderstood than Mr.

Letter from Ralph F. Lozier, Jr. to his father Ralph F. Lozier. Ralph, Jr. informs Ralph, Sr. of the death of W. D. Penny and suggests that he announces his Senate campaign without the support of T. J. Pendergast. Thus, Charles M. Howell will drop out of his campaign, leaving Pendergast to support Ralph, Sr.

Letter from George M. Morris to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, writing regarding the development of a road between Jerico Springs and El Dorado Springs. He also discusses political appointments in Jerico Springs.

Response letter from Governor Guy Park of Missouri to Vina Montgomery, defending the work of the Democratic political machine in Kansas City.

Letter to Lloyd Stark offering assurances and advice about his campaign for Missouri governor.

Letter from John Joseph Gausch to Lloyd C. Stark, prior to Stark's election as governor, noting that Pendergast announced his support for Stark on October 16, 1935. Gausch reports that Stark also has the endorsement of St.

St. Louis Star-Times article about the 1936 investigation into election fraud, including a sketch of Pendergast by Thomas Hart Benton. The article reports Pendergast "said today that he had been investigated so often that 'one more doesn't bother me much.'" He argued that he had no idea of any election fraud.