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From August A. Busch to James A. Reed

Telegram from August A. Busch of Anheuser-Busch to James A. Reed. Busch suggests that Reed contact Thomas J. Pendergast concerning "his men at Jefferson City". Busch says that "only one" is openly opposing prohibition.

FBI Record for Joseph DeLuca

FBI record for Kansas City organized crime figure Joseph DeLuca, including numerous charges including Prohibition Act and narcotics violations beginning in 1930.

FBI Record for John Mangiaracina

FBI record for "Johnny Mag" Mangiaracina, including charges of theft and numerous Prohibition and other liquor violations, and income tax evasion, and listing sentences servced in the Chillicothe, Ohio reformatory and the Platte County, Missouri, jail. The document also includes a physical and biographical description of Mangiaracina.