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Letter from W. W. Filkin to Governor Lloyd C. Stark regarding voter intimidation at Kansas City elections. He writes that the "presence of the police of this city is no protection," and reports that in his experience as a Republican election judge, he was "insulted, cursed many times, ...

Letter from John T. Harding to L. H. Forman, discussing anti-Clark/Douglas circulars being "thrown into the river" in St. Louis.

Letter from John T. Harding to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, discussing corruption in the city and county government, as well as the local police department. He tells Stark that until he enacts new laws, "Kansas City will be at the mercy of the Organization.

Letter from W. W. Filkin to Edgar Shook suggesting that police protection at elections "has been nil in the past" and that National Guard forces might be in order to prevent voter intimidation. He reports that when he served as an election judge, he was "cursed" and "threatened."

Letter from John T. Barker to Ralph F. Lozier in which Barker states that anyone that Thomas J. Pendergast supports will win the primary election in 1932. He then provides details on his predictions of election results.

Letter from M. E. Hartman to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, unenforce rape and other crimes occurring in Kansas City.

In this legal complaint, Paul F. Broderick, Acting Regional Director of the Seventeenth Region of the National Labor Relations Board, details the charges made against the Donnelly Garment Company by the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union.