Schultzel Farm

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Photograph of a woman relaxing in a hammock, surrounded by a flock of chickens, at the Schultzel farm circa 1937. The woman, identified as Mrs. Nichols, is dressed in a blouse and skirt, and was visiting the farm as a member of the Broadway Methodist Church of Kansas City, Missouri.

Photograph of a group of nine women seated near a flock of chickens at the Schultzel Farm circa 1937. The women, part of a Broadway Methodist Church (Kansas City, MO) women's group.

Photograph of two young women driving a horse buggy at the Schultzel Farm circa 1937. Suzanne Schutzel, on the left, holds the horse's reins, while the other young women holds a parasol to shade them. The 55-acre farm, near 135th Street (then Kansas Highway 150) and Switzer Street, was owned by Emil J.

Photograph of a group of Campfire Girls riding on a hayrack at Schutzel Farm circa 1935. Emil Schutzel II stands at the front of the hayrack, holding the reins of two horses, with his son, Emil Schutzel III at his rear.