Shawnee Heights

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Stockyards and West Bottoms

Circa 1930 photograph with an aerial view looking north showing West Bottoms and stockyard area. Kansas River and bridges in view. Missouri River in distance on top and 12th Street Viaduct is visible.

Interview with Vincente Vargas

Interview with Vincente Vargas by Laurie Bretz as part of a project documenting the Kansas City, Kansas, Hispanic community. Vargas was born in the Rosedale area of Kansas City, Kansas, in 1925. He discusses Mexican workers being recruited by railroad companies along the border, and the types of work they would do, and workers living in bunks in passenger cars until they were able to settle and obtain other housing. Vargas also describes his father taking the childred out of school in the spring for farm work in Nebraska, and returning to Mexico during the Depression.

Harbor lines for Kansas River at Kansas City, Kansas

Set of 3 hand-drawn ink-on-linen maps showing the harbor lines for the Kansas River at Kansas City, Kansas, from Turkey Creek to the Argentine Wagon Bridge, showing U. S. Harbor lines, and Kaw Valley Drainage Districts modified lines. Prepared by the Chief Engineer, Drainage Board, for the Kaw Valley Drainage District. It includes the locations of manufacturers along the river.

Armourdale and Kansas River

Circa 1930 photograph with an aerial view, looking east, across the Armourdale district and towards the Kansas River.

Argentine and Shawnee Heights from the Kansas River

Photograph of Argentine and Shawnee Heights, two sections of Kansas City, Kansas, as seen from the Kansas River. The large building pictured center is the Franklin School on Metropolitan Avenue between S 14th and 15th Streets. This picture was taken before 1923 when the building received a four-classroom addition.

23rd Street Viaduct

Photograph looking southwest from the 23rd Street Viaduct from the current intersection of Avenida Cesar E Chavez and American Royal Drive. The Kansas City Belt Railroad Bridge is pictured in the background.