The Stanberry Headlight

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Letter from Harry Truman to Jack Stapleton descibing his positive attitude toward Lloyd Stark and his candidacy for Missouri Governor.

Letter from Jack Stapleton to Tom Pendergast praising Lloyd Stark's candidacy for governor and congratulating the organization for endorsing him. He references an enclosed article.

Letter from Jack Stapleton to Lloyd Stark referencing Harry Truman's attitudes toward the Stark gubernatorial candidacy.

Letter from Jack Stapleton to Lloyd Stark inviting him to a meeting. He mentions recent voter intimidation by Pendergast affiliates.

Letter from Lloyd Stark to Jack Stapleton, editor of 'The Stanberry Headlight.' He indicates his desire to come to St. Joseph for the Northwest Missouri Press Association meeting but wants Stapleton not to mention the possibility of his being there.

Letter from Jack Stapleton to Lloyd Stark in which the author describes sending a note and clipping about Stark to Tom Pendergast. He also references the Nelson Art Gallery in Kansas City.