Vine Street

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Photograph of the original Wendell Phillips School, once located at the southeast corner of Vine Street and 24th Street Terrace.

Photograph with view of Dick's Down Home Cook Shop.

Circa 1930 photograph with an aerial view looking west near 19th and Vine; shows City Workhouse with railroad tracks beside it.

Letter from plaintiff's attorney Carl R. Johnson to Judge John C. Collett in Civil Case No. 128: Lucile Bluford v. S.W. Canada. Johnson writes that he is enclosing an amended petition in the case, and notes that the petition has already been forwarded to the defense counsel.

Letter from plaintiff's attorney Carl R. Johnson to the U.S. District Court clerk regarding Civil Action No. 42: Lucile Bluford v. S.W. Canada. Johnson writes to enclose the Notice of Appeal in the case, which they intend to appeal to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. He also writes that Mr. T. B.

Motion for new trial in Civil Action No. 42: Lucile Bluford v. S.W. Canada. Bluford requests that the court set aside the verdict against her of October 24, 1940, and grant a new trial. Her attorneys argue that the court erred in numerous ways, and that the verdict did not conform to the law.

Letter from Charles H. Houston to the clerk of the United States District Court for the Central Division of the Western District of Missouri, writing that he was enclosing a motion and order in the Lucile Bluford vs. S. W. Canada case, and asking that it is called to the attention of the court.

Photograph of people riding the Vine Street Streetcar in Kansas City, Missouri

Photograph of an abandoned building at the southwest corner of 19th Street and Vine Street in Kansas City, Missouri. The building used to house a Sam's Market and a shoe shining parlor.

Invitation to the Sky-high "12" Club's 3rd Annual Spring Dance at Lincoln Hall.

Photograph of the Beau Brummel Club's 15th anniversary celebration at the Elk's Place Restaurant.

Ticket for Friday night dancing to the Rythm Musketeers, a "Broadcasting Dance Band." It notes that "Clubs and Lodges [are] given half of Profits."