West Bottoms

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Kansas City Livestock Exchange Building

Photograph with side and front view of the Livestock Exchange Building, located just west of the intersection of 16th Street and Genessee Street. "Construction began in 1909 and the building was finished in 1911--a nine story, brick faced structure of reinforced concrete, fronting 250 feet on Genessee street at 16th, with three wings extending 126 feet to the west. It was the largest livestock exchange building in the world and one of the largest office structures in Kansas at that time" ("75 Years of Kansas City Livestock Market History," p.

Kansas City Live Stock Exchange

Postcard of the Kansas City Live Stock Exchange, located at the intersection of Genessee and 16th Street in Kansas City, Missouri. This vantage point faces west-northwest from south of 16th Street between Genessee and Wyoming Street. The back of the postcard includes a brief caption about the building and a short letter to Mr. & Mrs. Grant Shadbolt of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Kansas City Inter-City Viaduct

Photograph, which appears to be taken between 1930 and 1940, taken from inside a vehicle driving on the Inter-City Viaduct, looking east with the Kansas City, Missouri skyline in view in the background. The viaduct connects Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri.

K.C.F.D. No. 15

Photograph of Kansas City Fire Department Number 15, Kansas City, Missouri, opened in 1925. Pictured are Captain Eugene King, Driver Herman Lewis, and firefighters George P. Smith, Clarence Hill, and Joseph D. Johnson. This vantage point faces northeast on Mulberry Street between 8th and 9th Street. A defunct viaduct is shown at the top left. This structure was used as an approach ramp to a viaduct that ran overtop the fire station.

Inter-City Viaduct, Kansas City, Mo.

Postcard of the Inter-City Viaduct in Kansas City, Missouri, now better known as the portion of I-70 between downtown Kansas City, Missouri and downtown Kansas City, Kansas. The vantage point at the viaduct's eastern entrance looks west towards the West Bottoms and Kansas City, Kansas in the far distance. The back of the postcard includes a brief caption about the viaduct and a short letter to Mrs. I.D. Mollet of Chanute, Kansas.

Intercity Viaduct

Circa 1930 photograph with an aerial view looking southeast over the Intercity Viaduct and northern part of West Bottoms. Distant view of downtown Kansas City in the top with Quality Hill area and 8th Street Tunnel entrance.

Inspecting cattle, Stockyards, Kansas City, Missouri

Photograph of merchants inspecting cattle in the West Bottoms stockyards in Kansas City, Missouri. This vantage point faces east-northeast towards the Daily Drovers Telegram in the background at 1505 Genessee Street from just east of the Missouri-Kansas border.

Imperial Brewing Co. Advertisement

Advertisement for Imperial Brewing Co., no date. The advertisement reads, "A. F. Stoeger, Geo. Schraubstadter, Imperial Brewing Co., Brewers of High Grade Kansas City Lager Beer. Patronize and Encourage Home Industry. There is no better beer brewed anywhere-Don't contribute to the $2,000,000 annually sent out of Kansas City for bottled beers. This is an exact fac-simile of Missouri's Best Bottled Beer for sale at all independent bars and cafés." Imperial Brewing Co. was sold in 1919 to Rodney Milling Co.. Source: Jack Ralston.

Harbor lines for Kansas River at Kansas City, Kansas

Set of 3 hand-drawn ink-on-linen maps showing the harbor lines for the Kansas River at Kansas City, Kansas, from Turkey Creek to the Argentine Wagon Bridge, showing U. S. Harbor lines, and Kaw Valley Drainage Districts modified lines. Prepared by the Chief Engineer, Drainage Board, for the Kaw Valley Drainage District. It includes the locations of manufacturers along the river.

From C. E. Blomquist to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from C. E. Blomquist to Governor Lloyd C. Stark, congratulating him on Douglas's win, but requesting he "come to Kansas City and break up this insidious ring of Italians and Pendergast workers who are fostering such a string of 200 or 300 gambling houses upon our people."

From A. Reed Wilson to Lloyd Stark

Letter from A. Reed Wilson to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, updating him on activities related to his campaign in Kansas City.

From A. Reed Wilson to Lloyd C. Stark

Letter from A. Reed Wilson to Lloyd C. Stark, reporting that Tom Pendergast had "no objection ... to my furthering your cause with friends and associates out-state," and that he is getting "nothing but the most favorable response to your cause."