Bouchard, W. L.

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Letter updating gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark on fundraising activites and expenditures for the campaign.

Letter from Roy E. Glidewell to Stark's campaign manager Col. W. L. Bouchard.

Letter to W. L. Nelson thanking him for his support of Lloyd Stark's candidacy for governor.

Letter from Colonel W. L. Bouchard describing a recent trip to Kansas City on behalf of the Stark-for-Governor campaign.

Letter from Lloyd C. Stark to James P. Aylward, thanking Aylward for meeting with him while he was visiting Kansas City and mentioning that Colonel Bouchard's poll indicates strong support for Stark's campaign.

Letter from William Ledbetter to W. L. Bouchard discussing Stark campaign issues, how appointments will be allotted through Missouri counties, and appointing members of the campaign's finance committee.