Hirth, William

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Letter from H. R. Walmsley to Jesse Barrett in which he discusses the proposition of Barrett running for Governor of Missouri on the Republican ticket.

Letter from William Hirth, publisher and managing editor of The Missouri Farmer, to Ewing Young Mitchell, Jr. on February 28, 1937. Hirth discusses Missouri politics ahead of the 1940 U.S. Senate campaign.

Letter from Henry Kilburn to gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark in which he describes the broad base of support for his campaign in northwest Missouri.

Letter from J. B. Fletcher to Governor Lloyd C. Stark expressing opinions on Stark's election, his dislike of Pendergast, and how he thinks voting should work in future elections. Fletcher says Stark should "give voters single ticket and convict old Pendergas[t]."

Letter from J. G. Wells to Missouri gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark describing an incident with WPA workers who were largely supportive of Stark's candidacy.

Letter from Jimmie Hurst to Lloyd stark updating him on campaign attitudes and activities across Missouri.

Letter frm J. R. Davis to Missouri gubernatorial candidate Lloyd Stark, offering his assessment of attitudes toward the campaign in his part of Missouri.

Letter from Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Ward of Clinton County to Lloyd C. Stark describing the opportunity for support for his candidacy among farmers in Caldwell and Clinton counties.

The Footman newsletter, containing an article by William Hirth for Missouri Ruralist entitled "Hirth Supports Judge Douglas," a recap of a meeting of the Democratic Equal Rights Club. The paper endorses James V. Billings for Missouri Supreme Court.

Letter from Frank Page to William Kitchen in response to a previous letter. Page indicates that an unnamed person, mentioned in an earlier clipping, does not work, and does not farm in particular.

Letter from William Hirth to Governor Lloyd C. Stark discussing the prospect of Colonel Whitten as U.S. District Attorney and the candidacy of Maurice Milligan for Senate. Hirth writes that Whitten "is not only a man of outstanding ability, ...

Letter from W. G. Dillon to Lloyd C. Stark, writing that he believes William Hirth has no effective argument against Stark's campaign, but that "the straw-horse he is building will be T.J. Pendergast." Dillon also advises Stark not to rely on Republican crossover votes to carry him.